As you may remember, this summer Beyond Gay went on an amazing tour in the Nordic Region. Helsinki, Stockholm and Reykjavik all screened the film during their Pride festivals, and I was able to participate at them all. The last stop, Reykjavik Iceland, was one of the most magical Pride experiences I have had in many years. An extra word of thanks to Canada’s ambassador in Iceland, Stewart Wheeler who spearheaded the tour, and joined me on the panel after the screening with other members of  Reykjavik’s queer community. What an incredible group of people I met there. This didn’t feel like a Pride that was “getting back to its roots,”  because I don’t think they’ve ever left them behind. Reykjavik Pride is just one aspect of a community very connected to social justice in general. And to one another.

I was sharing some of my stories with DailyExtra while on the road, and here is what transpired in Iceland.

With Pride,


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