As part of this whirl wind European tour Christopher Street Days Freiburg is screening Beyond Gay tonight at the CinemaxX Theatre. This is the launch of their CSD with a parade and the bulk of parties and events taking place on July 17-18. Freiburg is a beautiful little city on the edge of the Black Forest near the border of Switzerland. It holds the reputation of having the most sunny days in all of Germany. At the moment that is translating to being beastly hot. The forecast is that it may reach 37 degrees today – it’s not even noon and it’s already 31! The bonus is that it is also a university town so there’s a lot of sexy young students wandering around in very little clothing. It’ll also be a great night to sit in a nice air conditioned cinema watching a fun and informative film about the international LGBTI Pride movement. You can get all the details for the screening here and I’ll be posting an update on this and the amazing time I had at Helsinki Pride very soon. It was such an incredible experience it’s taking me a while to collect my thoughts about everything that happened there and all the the great people I met. but for now – Happy Pride Freiburg see you in a few hours at the CinemaxX!