So as the snow melts here in the great white north of Canada, organizers around the world are once again gearing up for Pride season. Florida International University held a screening of Beyond Gay this month to celebrate Pride Week (more here about that). As always we’re thrilled that film continues to be relevant and find new audiences. The Pride event of the year will be EuroPride in Riga Lativa. The dates are June 15 – 21. I’m still figuring out how to get there, but anyone in the region and everyone with the resources should make an effort to get to this event. This is the first time EuroPride will be held in a former Soviet State, and the organizers are sure to throw a fantastic event. Their tag line: Changing History is Hot!  EuroPride 2010 in Warsaw Poland was an amazing experience for us; there was an incredible energy at the events that is so much more important than typical Pride celebrations in North America. Marching for LGBT* justice in places where our rights are still in question by much of society is empowering in a way that is impossible to describe – you have to feel it for yourself. Riga Pride has a fundraising campaign happening right now, if you can contribute please help out, because as usual finding sponsors in Latvia is much more difficult than in much of Europe and North America. We have more exciting news about screenings coming soon, so keep an eye here and on our Facebook page.