For the last 10 days Toronto has been bustling with doc filmmakers for the annual Hot Docs Film Festival.  With over 180 films, meetings, seminars, and the forum, there is a lot to take in.

The highlights for me were the charming Italy – Love it or Leave it and the heart wrenching Call Me Kuchu that follows the efforts of the activists of Sexual Minorities Uganda including David Kato.  Kuchu won the Teddy at the Berlinale and also picked up the best international feature award here. Congratulations to the filmmakers for their incredible work. It reveals the dreadful way the Ugandan anti-homosexual legislation and LGBT hatred in society in general is fueled in part by religious leaders from the West.  If you have a chance to see either of these films – don’t miss it.

One of the most exciting things about the festival was the size of the crowds.   Clearly people are hungry for good documentaries and willing to pay to see them…. It leaves me wondering why it is so hard getting broadcasters and distributors to produce and air them?  We’ve been fortunate with Beyond Gay but it’s definitely been a lot of work, patience and determination.  I hope “the industry” takes notice of what is happening here. Congratulations to the organizers and all the filmmakers, it was a great festival.

That’s a wrap from t-dot.   See you at the movies soon.