Wow, it’s been a long time since our last update but we’ve just been so freakin’ busy we haven’t had a chance to catch up – besides we know you follow us on facebook anyway.   But we definitely need it on record that we have won THREE MORE BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARDS! What a treat!  First came news from Atlanta’s Out on Film Festival where we took home the audience award for best doc, and then Seattle’s Three Dollar Bill where we were honoured with both the audience award and the jury prize for best documentary. The jury statement:

As a documentary film, Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride informs and enlightens our common understanding of the ubiquitous pride parade by calling attention to its importance as a political act.

Well that pretty much sums it up. We had tons of support from our Bear Brothers and friends down in Seattle so it will definitely go down in the history books as a high point in the festival tour.  Keep an eye out for our upcoming screenings in Spokane , Red Rock Utah and  Indianapolis IL.  We can’t make it to any of these festivals but we will be there in spirit.  See you at the movies!