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Celebrating LGBTQ2S+ Activism and History

For over a decade, Big Gay Movies has shone a light on LGBTQ2S+ stories and celebrated the trailblazers who paved the way for the rights we enjoy today. With stories about queer activists, protests, celebrations and history, our films have brought overlooked narratives into the spotlight. We remain committed to empowering diverse voices and honoring those who fought to move the needle forward on social progress.

Our Films

Pat Rocco Dared

Get a first look at the trailblazing films and political activism of 1960s gay cinema pioneer Pat Rocco.

Beyond Gay Movie Poster

Beyond Gay

The Politics of Pride
Vancouver’s Gay Pride Director examines the role and relevance of Pride Celebrations around the world – from the extremes of protest to the heights of celebration.

Big Gay Movies

Bob and Morris started Big Gay Movies in 2009 while making Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride. Recently they co-directed and co-produced the award winning feature documentary
Pat Rocco Dared (2021)


Morris Chapdelaine


Bob Christie